Guido Faleschini for i4 Mariani/Pace 23-Piece Leather King Bedroom Suite

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A rare, complete king bedroom suite by Guido Faleschini for Mariani/Pace. This stunning set includes:

1 x king-size bed comes in two pieces with two-piece headboard. 122” W x 87” L.

2 x round stools attached with belt. 17 ½ H x 18” W.

2 x side nightstands each with four drawers. 21 ½” H x 25” W x 24” D.

2 x chrome lights.

1x spinning valet with full length mirror and inside hanging storage. 67 ½” H x 19” W.

7 x large storage cabinets with hanger inserts. 56 ½” H x 24” W x 23” D.

8 x (three-drawer stackable inside cabinets.) 17” H x 21 ¼” W x 19 ½” D.

The cognac leather is in wonderful original condition with some minor professional repairs.

Circa: 1970

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