Jean Pascaud Rosewood Armchairs, Pair


Pair of Art Deco/modernist armchairs by Jean Pascaud. Rosewood with grey upholstery and silver sabots. A set of six matched dining room chairs are also available.

Jean Pascaud is one of the most influential furniture and interior designers of the 20th century. Pascaud's work appears ultra-modern today but his style was considered more traditional during his time. An interior designer by trade with an education in engineering, Pascaud was possibly best known for his furniture design. He exhibited his work in various salons including Salon des Artistes D├ęcorateurs, Salon des Tuileries, and Salon d'Automne.

Circa 1935

SKU: F0097

35.25"H x 22.5"W x 24"D x 18.5"Seat

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