Propellor "Calvino" Bamboo Pendant Light - Caramel


The Calvino pendant lights pay homage to novelist Italo Calvino. As in his great utopic book Invisible Cities, the Calvino light suggests an idealized floating city, warmly lit at night.

Made of bamboo, a rapidly renewable material with a natural oil finish.
Sold individually or available as a grouping of 3,5,7 or 9, mounted on a plate and suspended at varied lengths. Standard colours include caramel and chestnut, custom specifications per request.

This product is hand-made in Vancouver, B.C. to order, fixture drop is made to client's specification. Please inquire regarding production timeline. All products are inspected and accepted by CSA International prior to shipment. Final acceptance of the approval mark is subject to the requirements of the local Authority Having Jurisdiction.

12"H x 3.75" Sq. 

SKU: PR0002


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