The Continence of Scipio in the manner of Nicolas Poussin


Ca. 18th Century

An 18th century copy of the original "The Continence of Scipio" by Nicolas Poussin (also known as The Magnanimity of Scipio) which hangs in the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts in Moscow, Russia. It is ascertained that this faithful copy of the original came from the collection of a Peruvian diplomat and hung in an embassy.

Antique oil on canvas, transferred to a modern panel and frame for it's protection and professionally restored in 2012 with all supporting documents. The original can be seen here on the website of the Pushkin Museum.

In the scene of this painting Livy offers a beautiful woman captured by his troops to Scipio, as a prize of war. Although Scipio is astonished by her beauty, he must return the woman to her fiancé Allucius, a Celtiberian chieftain to which she was betrothed. 

48"H x 64"W

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